Goalkeeper Training Program

Back to Basics

At the Portage Soccer Club we realize goalkeeping has often been the one area of training overlooked by most clubs and teams. As a result the Portage Soccer Club has spent time and resources devoted strictly to the development of our young goalkeepers. 

Realizing strong goalkeeping is the backbone of every team, we have developed a program which allows us to deliver specific goalkeeping instruction.  Utilizing certified trained instructors we now provide a program which focuses on the four major components of goalkeeping: technical, tactical, psychological and physical training.  Our objective is simple, we provide the foundation and grounding goalkeepers need to improve their technical skills to succeed in soccer.  This training includes ball mastery, speed of play, coordination and balance and movement with and without the ball.

The basic objective of the training programs is to replicate the speed, tempo and environment goalkeepers may encounter in a game environment. Through the age-appropriate coaching, we foster an atmosphere which is competitive, challenging, de­manding and fun. Encouragement and support from our coaching staff allows every player to gain a better under­standing of and a continued passion for the game.

Our program will focus on allowing keepers to:

Learn and enjoy the art of goalkeeping whiling having fun while training.

Improve their technique through simple and realistic practices.

Improve their understanding of the position by giving them the skills and knowledge they require to be successful, consistent, and a reliable performer.

Develop movement skills and patterns specific to goalkeeping.

Teach the key tactical aspects of goalkeeping.

Help the goalkeeper with decision making and other psychological aspects of the position.

Ultimately improve match performance.