Portage Soccer Club Programs

The Portage Soccer club is dedicated to the development of youth in our community.  We realize that talent levels can be wide spread and not every player wants or expects to play professionally. We also realize while the talent levels are wide spreading, there are several common ideals each of the players share in common.  First and foremost they want to have fun, enjoy the company of their friends, improve their fitness level and to be able to play and learn from playing soccer. 

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With this in mind, unlike some of the other programs out there, our focus is on allowing these players to reach their individual goals.  It’s not that we don’t want to win games; it’s just that we view it as a byproduct of good individual and team development.

We provide programs for all levels of play.  Our Academy program is dedicated to those at ages seven and eight years old.  It provides a gradual transition between recreational and travel programs.  All teams train during the winter months.  While some coaches utilize the local indoor soccer facilities, others utilize the local school gyms.  Camps and clinics are also offered.  For those players who wish to play at the college level we also have a new College Recruitment program available for PSC players and parents.  Finally we now offer goalkeeper training.