Video Highlights

Does & Don'ts of Video Taping

Coaches want to be able to evaluate a player in an 11 v 11 game, not a practice environment. The fastest way to get a coach to stop watching is to have highlights of yourself at a practice, camp or clinic.   Once you have enough video to edit I recommend you create your own YouTube site where you can post the videos.   I would make it private so only you have the link.  The reason I say this is you don't want a coach to go to your video and read a comment someone made that makes them question your playing ability or personal charactor.

  • When recording, do it from a high perspective.  Coaches want to be able to see the play develop, your interaction and what you do afterwards. They like to see all aspects of your game including combination play, foot skills, shooting and defending. To do this its best to break the filed into 3rds.

  • Always use a tripod - nothing worse than bouncy film.

  • Do not zoom in and out when filming.  You will inevitable get the great foot skills, but miss the ball going into the net.

  • Film as often as you can, too much video to choose from is better than too little.


Video Editing

If you have a video program that lets you easily edit and highlight the player that works best, but its not nesesarlly required.  You don't want any one video highlight to be more than three minutes long.  They are meant to be "trailers" to grab the coaches attention.  I typically try go though and track each highlight on a log indicating the name of video, start and end time of clip I think is good, rank it on a scale of 1-10 and list what it is of.   Once I have gone through all my video footage I look at my logs and decide what clips I want to use.  If I have the software to highlight the player I try and put a few clips together of a similar nature. This shows it wasn't a onetime thing I am highlighting.   If I don't have that software I try and put clips together where the player is wearing the same color/number jersey.   This way it's easier for the coach to follow who you are.

If you don't have special software program your computer probably has Movie Maker.  This is a windows based program that comes with most windows based computers.  If you don't see it on your start menu you can do a search for "MovieMaker.exe".   It's very easy to use and there are lots of YouTube videos on tips for using it.

I would try and do one video highlight each season; one club season followed by one high school season.  This will give the coaches a good cross comparison as to the level of competition and your ability to adapt to it.