More Bang for your Buck!

The #1 reason that players decide to play for the Portage Soccer Club is the great value that it presents at every level of competitive club soccer.  While the for-profit clubs will try to convince you that they can offer more than a not-for-profit club like the PSC, we dare you to compare...

When making your decision about which club and team to play for, be sure to consider:

  • The coach's qualifications, style, and knowledge of the game

  • The skill level as well as the attitude of the team's players

  • The team's ranking, level at which it is competing, and its actual results from last season (all available online)

  • The quality and location of the club's practice and game facilities. PSC is local (no unecessary travel!) and boasts the best facilities in the area...a dedicated practice facility at the corner of Cox's and Zylman Roads and the well-manicured PSC game fields located at 4422 Bishop Ave. These are often referred to as the "AYSO fields," but they are owned and operated by the PSC.

  • The cost and availability of off-season training

  • Level of parent satisaction

  • Record of players that have gone on to play college level, even olympic soccer!

Now, consider the COST.  Scroll down to see the PSC fees.  You are not imagining things...we keep our fees low, mostly because our finances are responsibly managed and our coaches, managers, and leaders volunteer their time and expertise.  Other area clubs charge more than double (and in some instances more than 4 times more!) than the PSC.  Teams that excel can be found at any club at any level.  Why would you pay more in order to get the same, and in many cases a better experience?  Don't take anyone's word for it...Look at the facts and ask questions!  You'll be pleasantly surprised with the option that the Portage Soccer Club offers for your family.


PSC Club Fees for 2019-2020 Season

The fee collected from each player covers the following for all Select, Elite, Premier and MRL players: all MSYSA/MSPSP/WMYSA fees, league games and practice costs such as field rental, referee fees, insurance fees, coaching stipends, and a portion of your tournament fees.  

Each player fee includes a charge of $100 per full season (or $50 of your listed "player fee" if you are a half season player) is applied directly to your tournament expenses. Please note this may or may not cover all your individual tournament expenses, but allows teams to be able to register early to take advantage of early-bird tournament discount pricing.  Tournament expenses will vary depending on factors such as the individual tournament cost, number of players on the roster, etc.  Additional tournament expenses will be assessed once the original amount collected has been exhausted.

Team Level / Season

Birth Years

Player Fee

Uniform Kit &
Est. Cost

Coed Academy Program




Select/Elite Full Season




Select/Elite/HS Half Season




Premier Full Season




High School Premier




Player fees include both Club Fee and Tournament Fee. Other costs include the uniforms kit and non-local travel reimbursement for non-parent coaches. The Tournament Fee portion of the Player Fee is $100 per full season, or $50 per half season and is applied toward the player's tournament expenses.

The Player Fee collected from each Academy player covers the following: all WMYSA fees, t-shirts, Jamborees, field rental, referee fees, insurance fees and coaching stipends.