This guide pertains to the Portage Soccer Complex and Practice Facility.


Portable Goals - two types are used. 

  • U9/U10 games use the smaller goal frames with wheels.  To operate the wheels 2 adults (one at each side of the goal post) lift together and the wheels will swing down.  Push the wheel forward as you lower it.  The frames can now be rolled to its position on the field.  Reverse the process so the frame sits on the ground.

  •  U11/U12 games use the mid size frames.  These can be carried easily by 3 to 4 adults.  Please don’t allow kids to carry them or to drag them across the grass.  When in place on the field anchor the frames with the attached stakes.  Mallets for securing the anchors are located in the garage and concession stand.  Each mallet has a key attached to the handle which opens the lock securing the goal frames to the fence.

After the game please return the goal frame to the east or west fence (look for the white vertical stripe) with the goal cross bar facing the fence.  The frame can be locked to the fence via the cable and padlock.  Goal frames should not be left on the field.

Corner Flags - two types are used. 

  • U9 through U12 games use the flags with a spike. 

  • U13 and up games use the flags with the coilspring.  The spring is inserted into the sleeve at each corner.

Corner flags are kept in the garage in the cabinets on the right hand side.  One cabinet for each type of flag.  Following the game return the corner flags to the garage unless there is a following game.  If the garage is locked please leave the flags by the overhead door.

Trash - PSC teams are responsible for trash on the field, player and spectator areas including the visiting team area

Security - last team out in the event the concession stand is closed is responsible for turning off restroom lights, pulling shut and locking the entrance gates.

Rules of the Complex - please help enforce the published rules particularly no pets and no smoking.


Portable Goals - must be properly anchored (stakes and mallet in the trailer).  Move goals every other week to reduce wear and tear.

Training Goals - (4) are kept in the trailer.  Please disassemble and return to the trailer after use.

Trash - coaches are responsible for policing their training area.  Please pick up trash, empty and recycle water bottles.

Same published rules at the Portage Soccer Complex apply to the Practice Facility.

Security - please lock the equipment trailer and gate (last one out) each evening.


Player safety requires that all players regardless of age are required to wear shin guards during practice and games.

Shin guards should be appropriate for the player age and size covering the shin.

Players without shin guards shall not participate in practice and games.

The preceding facilities guide was approved at the
January 6th, 2019 PSC Board of Directors meeting.