Portage Soccer Club is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers in the greater Portage, Michigan community who have a passion for soccer and commitment to our players and their development.

PSC owns and maintains the Portage Soccer Complex at 4422 Bishop Road, Portage MI (east of Sprinkle and south of Bishop/Romence) where home games are played. This nine field complex opened in 2002 and is now recognized as one of the foremost soccer complexes in Michigan.

In 2008, the Club opened an eight field practice facility which also includes two training grids. This allows teams plenty of space and at least one goal to shoot on at a time which is convenient for the team. The practice facility also enables other development activities such as goalkeeper training.

Our Club would not exist without the support of our volunteers. 


Each family contributes to the success of the portage soccer club by volunteering in the concession stand each season, helping move goals and flags before and after games, and volunteering for one of the many positions supporting the club sponsored tournaments. 


The board is comprised of volunteers that are passionate about the Club and love the game of soccer.  The board provides leadership for the Club,  its operations, finances, marketing and general oversight.  


Each coach volunteers their time for practices, games, and tournaments to coach their players.  The coach's are the backbone of the Club and work tirelessly to develop their players for success both on and off the field.  


The team managers support the coach's and allow them to focus on coaching by coordinating the team's finances, schedules, and communications.   


The Club has many long time volunteers that provide countless hours to maintain the facilities in excellent condition for games, practices, and tournaments.  Our facilities are considered one of the premier complexes in the state thanks to the hard work and dedication of the maintainence volunteers.