PSC 2019-2020 TRYOUTS

PSC Tryouts 06-15-2019.jpg

Thank you to everyone that participated in tryouts!!

Tryouts for Fall 2019 & Spring 2020
wERE held on June 15, 2019


Portage Soccer Complex
4422 Bishop Avenue, Portage, MI 49002

Mandatory Club Meetings will be held as follows
June 24th - Girls
June 25th - Boys

Hackett Catholic Prep HS Auditorium
100 West Kilgore Road
Portage, MI, 49002


Tryout Details and Policies

Tryouts for PSC teams will be held to identify those players who have the technical soccer skills, tactical understanding, physical fitness, desire, and coachability to play soccer at a high level. The tryout process will adequately, fairly, and objectively evaluate players.  The PSC director of coaching will be responsible for establishing the criteria to be evaluated at tryouts.  The criteria will include the following items: a series of skills tests wherein players are evaluated on their soccer skills (i.e. pass, dribble, shoot, and ball control) and tactical exercises (small-sided games).  Goalkeepers are evaluated by different skill criteria than field players.

All players are required to try out for their appropriate team based on BIRTH YEAR and GENDER. 

Prior to tryouts, the director of coaching will hold a mandatory meeting for all coaches to review the criteria to be evaluated at tryouts.  Following tryouts, but before the notification of team placement decisions, a second coaches meeting will be held to review results, team formation, and players desiring to “play up.”

Player scores will be tabulated and summarized.  Players will then be given a numerical ranking and selection to a PSC team will be based on this ranking.  Tryout results will be strictly confidential.

Parents are not allowed on the soccer fields during tryouts unless they are officially assisting in recording tryout data.  Parents may not record data for teams their own child participates in.




All Players are required to try out with their AGE and GENDER appropriate team.  As in the past, based on player ability and team need, a player may request to try out for an older age group or different gender (girls to boys only).  However, “playing up” or “playing with another gender” is a RARE exception and will be considered by PSC DOCs on an individual basis.  DOCs will consult with affected coaches and consider the player’s development as the club’s first priority.

Players who wish to try out for an older age group or different gender must:

  • Request approval from the DOCs prior to tryouts.

  • Players must register for their age/gender appropriate team.

  • Players are advised to attend tryouts for the age-appropriate age group in case they aren’t selected for the advanced age team or different gender. The DOCs will advise players ahead of time if they will be allowed to attend a different age or gender group.


Most players will be notified of the result of their tryout within 48 hours and notifications will occur no later than 1 week following the conclusion of the tryouts.  When a player is offered a position, they will be asked to accept or decline the position by email no later than 48 hours following notification of the tryout result.  Players and parents are reminded that the other players on the team are counting on each other's commitment to follow through on whatever they commit to, as are other players who are turned away.  Consideration of others who also want to play soccer is expected.

Selected players and their families are expected to attend the PSC Annual Club-Wide Meeting in the latter part of June (date/time and location will be announced no later than June 1 of each year).

Club fees for each player will be due at this meeting.  Families unable to attend will be responsible for completing their PSC registration and paying the player fees through their PSC team manager or coach prior to the late-June meeting.

Players who try out and will be attending high school for the succeeding fall will be notified of the result of his/her tryout following annual tryouts or the conclusion of the high school season. This option will only be available to coaches who intend to evaluate players performing for their high school team and/or conduct a supplemental tryout following the conclusion of the high school season.  In this instance, no player will be notified of the results of his/her tryout any later than November 30 or a date to be determined by the Board of Directors.



The Fall Season usually runs from mid- or late-August to the end of October. The Spring Season usually runs from mid April to mid- or late-June. Teams typically practice twice a week. Teams typically play an average of eight (8) regular league games each season on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Half of the games are played away and home games are played at the Portage Soccer Complex. Teams also usually play two or three tournaments per year, which may include Memorial Day, Labor Day, and/or Halloween. All teams are also required to play in the Portage Celery Cup in August and the Portage Soccer Classic in June - we are the host organization for these Tournaments. Some teams play outside the regular season (indoor soccer), which is voluntary.

By committing to play on a PSC team, the player's family is committing to pay the required fees and volunteer eight to ten hours per year (i.e. concession stand, Portage Soccer Classic Tournament, spring and fall clean up at the complex).



PSC sponsors youth soccer activity with the goal of providing our children an opportunity to develop into well-rounded athletes and productive, respected members of society through team play, sportsmanship, top competition, and hard work. Our mission is to provide them the opportunity to play soccer at the highest level commensurate with their individual ability, potential, and interest. An emphasis on fair play and respect for all participants is a primary element of our club’s mission. To better achieve this mission, we provide the following Code of Ethics for all PSC players, parents, spectators, volunteers and coaches.



The PSC Director of Coaches is responsible for the selection of coaches subject to approval of the PSC Board of Directors. Coach selections for the PSC will be based on demonstrated soccer coaching ability, experience, licensing and the ability to instruct. Coaches are required to have the appropriate license for the age group and level that they will be coaching. For the U-9 to U-12 age groups this shall be a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) class E license, its equivalent or above. For the U-13 and above age groups this shall be a USSF class D license, its equivalent or above. Coaches without a license are allowed one year (fall and spring seasons) to obtain a license.



PSC offers boys and girls, ages seven to nineteen the opportunity to train and play for our academy program and competitive teams. The Academy Program allows boys and girls ages seven and eight to train and experience game play in Jamborees.

Typically at the younger ages (non-academy ages) teams may be formed to balance the development of player skills. The makeup of these teams will be determined by the Soccer Club to maximize development of all youth selected for all teams. When more than one team is formed in a particular age group, players will be divided into two or even three teams. The "A" teams will be formed with those who are better prepared to compete physically, mentally and in terms of skill development. The "B and or C" teams shall be formed out of the remaining players and shall be a developmental team. If there are insufficient players at some ages, age groups may be combined to form a team. Placement of those teams will be governed by WMYSA rules.

We have found many parents and players feel they need to play for the "A" team because those are the only teams with quality coaches. This is not the philosophy of the PSC. We take pride in not just the development of our players, but our coaching staff as well.  Parents are strongly urged to remember all players develop at different rates, and being placed on the "B" or "C" team is also a great opportunity to grow and develop, especially when attitudes are positive and the focus is on fun and development at a healthy pace. There are many examples of youth who played on "B and C" teams and became excellent players, including several Portage youth who eventually made the "A" teams playing at premier, MRL and have gone on to earn All-Division and All-District status on their high school teams. Please visit our alumni page to read a more.

Any appeals to the team formation process must be submitted to the entire PSC board in writing. 



The fees for PSC players are determined annually by the Board and are posted on the Club Fees Payment Page.

The preceding policy was modified and approved at the
January 31st, 2016 PSC Board of Directors meeting.