Board meetings are monthly, the 1st Sunday of each month, at 7:00 p.m and typically last 1-2 hours. All meetings are held at the offices of Cornerstone Construction Management in Portage. In addition to monthly meetings, each board position requires extra time each month to fulfill that position's job expectations.

Vice President – Administration

The VP of Administration reports to the President of the Club and is tasked as the liaison between the President and the administrative functions of the club.  They maintain a comprehensive monthly monitoring plan of the administrative activities by overseeing all of the club's administrative functions including fundraising, social media, secretary, treasurer, communications, parent representatives, and WMYSA representative.


The Concessions Director reports to the PSC President and Board Members and is responsible for the operation of the concession stand, including, but not limited to: food preparation, customer service, cash handling, inventory ordering and control, supply restocking, volunteer scheduling, and facility upkeep. The Concessions Director is a voting member of the Board of Directors.


The Assistant Treasurer reports to the Treasurer of the Club and assists with maintaining accurate, up-to-date accounting records of the PSC’s business transactions and financial position. The Assistant Treasurer is an appointed position.

If you are interested in being considered for any of these positions or desire additional information, please contact David Rice at  

We are a friendly group who enjoy working together for the betterment of the club...YOUR Club. We'd love to see you get involved!