Lindsay Tarpley Scholarship


In partnership with Portage Soccer Club, alumna Lindsay Tarpley has created and funded the Lindsay Tarpley Scholarship.  The scholarship will be awarded to four PSC players (two boys and two girls) and will cover 100% of the PSC player fees for the 2017-18 soccer season. 

The application is available here and includes an essay the applicant prepares titled “My Soccer Goals/Dreams and How I Will Achieve It.”

PSC Scholarship Program


Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I really appreciate the scholarship. It’s humbling to ask and I am grateful.
— PSC Scholarship Recipient
Thank you very much for the generosity of the club for our children’s team fees for the 2018-19 season. We deeply appreciate the scholarships and strongly value what PSC stands for and provides our family and community.
— PSC Scholarship Recipient


The Portage Soccer Club is proud to have maintained its reputation as not only being one of the best run clubs in the state, but probably the most affordable.  Despite being so affordable, we also recognize there are families in financial need.  Instead of denying those children with the positive experience soccer programs can provide, the Portage Soccer club has been providing scholarships to those in need since the clubs inception in 1985.  

Over the years we have come to realize that while some families are in need of scholarship to cover registration player/club fees, they also struggle with the additional cost of tournaments.   Unfortunately Federal tax laws prohibit an organization from providing scholarships in excess of the required fees.  Since Portage Soccer Clubonly charged for player club registration fees, this means we were unable to provide funding which would cover any tournament expenses for those in need.

In 2014 the club took a proactive approach to this situation and decided to now include in our Player registration/club fee a $50 per season charge which is to be used for tournament expenses.  The treasurer then redirects that tournament fee back to each team.  This is then less money the team manager needs to collect from families for the tournaments.  More importantly it now provides the club with the legal means of allocating additional funds for the scholarship program.   Scholarships can now cover regular player/club fees up to and including the $50 per season tournament fees. 


The goal of the Portage Soccer Club Scholarship Fund is to make the club soccer experience available to all qualified soccer players who have the talent and commitment, but who may not otherwise be able to afford the expense of competitive club soccer.  When reviewing applications we take into consideration financial needs as well as other factors that may influence a player’s ability to play for our club. However, since the financial resources of the Portage Soccer Club Scholarship Fund are limited, the availability and amount of scholarships is also limited to true financial hardship situations. Scholarships are awarded and may vary season to season due to the availability of funds.


Players receiving financial aid and their families are required to exert a maximum effort to do required volunteer work. This includes concession and volunteer assignments as assigned at the annual tournament. Failure to do so may result in a review of the financial aid granted. All scholarship applicants are expected to pay the reduced Player Fees on the same payment schedule as other players unless approved otherwise by the Treasurer or Scholarship committee.

Scholarship Approval

Before a scholarship will be awarded, the parents or guardians of the prospective scholarship recipient must complete the Scholarship Application. After completing the application, you may either mail or bring in an envelope to the Club Registration Meeting. A three member Scholarship Committee including: the President, Treasurer and a current Board member, will review the application. In some cases, additional information (i.e. previous year’s tax return) may be requested. To protect your privacy the best we can, the Scholarship Committee and possibly your manager and/or coach will be aware of the application.

If the paperwork is not provided or the Scholarship Committee determines that there is insufficient basis for a scholarship based on need the scholarship will be denied. These decisions will be made on a case by case basis by our scholarship committee.