Coaches Corner

Portage Soccer Club greatly appreciates the gift of your time & dedication to our youth and the game of soccer. The top priority of PSC is to offer excellent coaching and training for club members, and you are obviously the key element to that. While we can't come close to fully compensating you for your time and energy, we are pleased to offer the following benefits to facilitate your efforts to provide top-notch training to our youth.

  • Coaching stipend of $295 per season ($590 per year for U14 and younger).

  • If you do not have a child on the team, the team will reimburse travel expenses for tournaments.

  • Paid membership in NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) which includes a coaching magazine and web resources.

  • Use of a practice facility for your PSC team where you can schedule practices at a time convenient to you and your team (instead of having to race to a park or school before someone else gets there), where you can take advantage of special training activities from PSC's DOTD, and where you will always have a goal to shoot on with plenty of space.

  • Up to $100/year apparel and/or equipment from Nike.  Coaches are asked to wear PSC apparel at games and practices.

  • Continuing education. PSC will reimburse you for half of the cost of your E license (WMYSA will pay the other half), and if you choose to continue to a D license, PSC will reimburse half of that cost.

  • Association with a Club with a proud history that prides itself in placing the needs of the player first, has an informative web site and good communications and has an elected Board of Directors (all volunteers). The Club is a non-profit organization with a published budget available for everyone to examine.