Parent representatives are contacts for parents who have questions, comments, or feedback that they would like relayed to the Club's Board of Directors.  They are also available to discuss concerns that parents feel have not been adequately addressed by their coach or team manager. 
Contact information for Parent Representatives are as follows:

Chris Somers                      269.274.3148
Georgette Newman       269.317.3668
Stephanie Mellinger    269.330.6920
Dale Hesley 269.348.5987
Lynn Kelley 269.277.9645             


Chris Somers

Georgette Newman

Stephanie Mellinger

Dale Hesley

Lynn Kelley

PSC 09 White Boys

PSC 09 Green Boys

PSC Academy Coed

PSC 06 Green Boys

PSC 10 Green Boys

PSC 07 Green Boys

PSC 05 Green Boys

PSC 10 Yellow Boys

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PSC 10 White Boys

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PSC 05 White Boys

PSC 08 Green Boys

PSC 01 Green Boys

PSC 03 White Boys

PSC 00 White Boys

PSC 03 Green Boys

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PSC 00 Green Boys

PSC 10 Green Girls

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PSC 08 Green Girls

PSC 08 Yellow Girls

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